Photographer: Tomasz Lazar (Poland)

“Wet”, “Muddy” and “Poetic”
These are the words often used to describe Film Simulation mode “CLASSIC CHROME”

If you are thinking about shooting in CLASSIC CHROME mode, then your current choices are either X-T1, X100T, X30, X-A2 or XQ2. Among these, the XQ2 would be the most affordable choice, but don’t think this is only what the camera can offer.

Here is a photo taken by Polish photographer Tomasz Lazar with XQ2 . He is a street photography virtuoso and has been using XQ series ever since the XQ1 came out.

XQ series is among his indispensable equipment for his work. “It’s compact so I can take it everywhere. The small camera doesn’t intimidate people when shooting. And I can take photos day and night with a good result,” says Tomasz.

He continues to testify that “CLASSIC CHROME adds depth to the photo by creating shade, which is an important element when shooting street photography.”

XQ2 with CLASSIC CHROME is a style of photography that makes sense.


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