The 13th Path with Barbara Minishi


Saturday 11th Feb




Radio Theatre

Navigating identity, alchemy and alignment in the creative journey.

Talk Points:

  • On Discovery: The relationship of the inner and the external
  • Navigating creative practice, process and pivots
  • Homecoming to self and the world

Barbara Minishi


The power and magic of visual storytelling has always been an intrinsic part of my life since childhood. Working with a camera gifted me the freedom, belonging and service to be both channel and container, medium and message as I connect, listen, explore and share with people and places.

Creative practice is life practice and I acknowledge the privilege, power and responsibility being a visual storyteller entails.

No matter the medium, Photography, Film,VR and AR; I find its all integrated, vital, and a necessity in how I immerse and navigate co-creation and collaboration in this ecosystem of life and change.

At the heart of it all, is intimacy.

The connection with people and places and our common human experience. My creative practice is my life practice, a sacred contract, an alchemical playground, an evolving transformational learning portal of who I am and how I show up.

Fujifilm at Cairo Photo Week

Join us for these in-depth talks.

  • Saturday 11th Feb 18:00 at Radio Theatre – The 13th Path with X-Photographer Barbara Minishi (Kenya)
  • Thursday 16th Feb 17:00 at Radio Cinema – The Business of Photography with X-Photographer Waleed Shah