GFl2OmmF4 R LM OIS WR Macro

Medium Telephoto Macro Lens

Medium telephoto macro lens with a maximum magnification of 0.5x, corresponding to 95mm in 35mm format equivalent.

The optical system features a construction of 9 groups and 14 elements, including 3 ED lens elements. By adopting a floating focus method using a linear motor, silent and high-speed autofocusing is achieved while aberrations from long distances to short distances are corrected in a satisfactory manner, dramatically increasing the resolution. Furthermore, by arranging the ED lenses in a well-balanced manner, chromatic aberrations are also properly corrected, contributing to a high quality image. Also, both front and back bokeh give off a beautiful bokeh effect. This lens is equipped with an image stabilization mechanism correcting up to a maximum of 5.0-stop*1, greatly contributing to handheld shooting in low-light situations. Also, a fluorine coating has been applied to the front most lens, acting as an excellent water repellent and stain-proofer.

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