Mohammed Kamal

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Project Description


Mohammed Kamal, a Moroccan British professional photographer, founder and manager of FOTOKAM, a photo production company since 2003 in Marrakech Morocco.


I shot Nikon, Mamiya 7 MK2, Leica M6 in The film days so the range finder system is a second nature to me…Fujifilm X series system has positively improved my approach to photography by providing me with a fine camera and glass combo that have taken my passion and love for making photographs to a higher level. They say ” The best camera is the one you have with you “… Well I actually have two that I carry with me all the time thanks to their light weight, flexibility, discretion, retro design, excellent image quality and high IQ. I shoot two XPRO1 with Fujinon and Leica glass.. (Fujinon XF, 14,18,23, 35) (Leica Summilux 50, Summicron 28 asph, 90 asph/apo and Elmarit 135)