Morteza Nikoubazl

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Project Description



  • Date and Place of Birth: 1974 Tehran,Iran
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Iranian
  • Current location: I.R.Iran
  • Current position: Photographer


1997 Start working with Local newspapers 1999-2013 Photographer at Reuters News Agency 2013 August to December, freelance at Polaris Images 2014 Photographer at ZUMA Press, New York Times and National Geographic Magazine Farsi 2015 Start working with the Sipa Press

1998 Bachelor of Photography from the Art and Architecture college of Iran’s Azad University


  • Flood disaster, Golestan province, Iran, 2001, For Reuters
  • Earthquake, Bam, Iran, 2003-2004, For Reuters
  • 33-day Hezbollah-Israel conflict, Lebanon, 2006, For Reuters
  • Earthquake, Khorramabad, Iran, 2006, For Reuters
  • Daily life feature, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008, For Reuters
  • Daily life feature, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009, For Reuters
  • Presidential election, Heart, Afghanistan 2009, For Reuters
  • Daily life feature, Heart, Afghanistan 2009, For Reuters
  • Flood disaster, Pakistan, 2010, For Reuters
  • Earthquake, Turkey, 2011, For Reuters
  • Daily life feature story, Modern face of Kabul, 2014, For Reuters
  • Urmia Salt Lake Story, 2014, For the New York Times
  • Azerbaijan Daily Life Story, 2015. For the National Geographic Magazine Farsi
  • Covering the visit of UNHCR HC of Iran for the UNHCR, Iran 2016
  • Battle of Fallujah, Iraq 2016, For Sipa Press
  • Liberation battle of Mosul, Iraq 2016, For Sipa Press


  • Social documentary Group Exhibition, Paris/France 2005
  • Social documentary Group Exhibition, Tehran/Iran 2005
  • Forgotten colors, Solo Exhibition, Tehran/Iran 2005
  • Forgotten colors-2, Solo Exhibition, Tehran/Iran 2006
  • Social Documentary Group Exhibition, Italy 2008
  • Social Documentary Group Exhibition, Tehran/Iran 2008
  • Pakistan-Flood-Beauty, Solo Exhibition, Tehran/Iran 2010
  • Knokke Heist, Belgium 2010
  • HIPA, UAE 2014
  • SeeMe, Leuver Museum, Digital Presentation, Paris/France 2015
  • Delhi, Afghanistan feature by Pix magazine 2015


News: My pictures have been published worldwide as well as Newsweek, New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Spiegel, L’Express, Stern, Le Figaro, etc…

Book: My pictures are published by Reuters and some publications in

  • Art of seeing2, By Reuters
  • State of the world, By Reuters
  • Our world now 1,2,3,4 and 5, By Reuters
  • Decade, By Phaidon
  • A day in the world, By A day organization
  • Critical Introduction to Khomeini, By Cambridge (Cover)
  • VANGUARD of the Imam, By Oxford (Cover)