Waleed Shah

BIOGRAPHY Waleed is a founding partner of White Cube Studios. Waleed leads the video and photography at White Cube, as well as coordinating performances and placement opportunities for artists in the UAE. [...]


Bernie Richardson

BIOGRAPHY Bernie Richardson is a wedding photographer based in Dubai UAE. Originally from New Zealand Bernie moved to Dubai in 2006 with a background in the aviation industry. Two years later he [...]


Bjorn Moerman

BIOGRAPHY Belgian born freelance Architectural, Aviation and Travel photographer, Bjorn Moerman, has been based in Dubai, (UAE) since 2002. His job as an airline captain together with his personal passion for travel, [...]


Hasan Kiyany

BIOGRAPHY "It is just happened that I captured the essence of Human daily life, joy & struggle" Born on the 22nd of June 1979 in Beirut city, to an Armenian father and [...]


Vartan Kelechian

BIOGRAPHY "It is just happened that I captured the essence of Human daily life, joy & struggle" Born on the 22nd of June 1979 in Beirut city, to an Armenian father and [...]


Abdullah Al Hashimi

BIOGRAPHY Abdulla is an Emirati Portrait Photographer who enjoy controlling shadows and lights on the faces. Photography is his hobby and entertainment and it's a never an end learning for him. [...]


Stephan Geyer

BIOGRAPHY Stephan Geyer was born in Barcelona in 1981, but immigrated to Latin America with his family at an early age and grew up living in 3 continents. Stephan began photographing [...]


Daniel Cheong

BIOGRAPHY Daniel was born in Mauritius, originally of Chinese descent, French by nationality. His job in the telecom industry requires that he travel frequently to multiple destinations including France, USA, Japan, Singapore, [...]


Ola Allouz

BIOGRAPHY Ola Allouz Emirati Photographer born in Dubai, Studied 'Accounting' in UAE University followed by 'Photography' in Emirates Fine Arts Society. Ola has practical experience in the banking field. Currently she [...]


Majed AlKatheeri

BIOGRAPHY Ever since his young age, Majed AlKatheeri has been passionate about photography. Among the photographers, we have nicknamed him AlMayedy. After enrolling to Abu Dhabi Higher Colleges of Technology and majored [...]


Sami Al Tokhais

BIOGRAPHY Sami has spent most of his life traveling constantly between Saudi Arabia and the United States. Born in Ohio, raised in both Riyadh and Colorado. His background, in having grown [...]


Ilyass Triba

BIOGRAPHY Photographer and videographer, Ilyass Triba was born in 1980 in Meknes. After high school, he studied international business and communication in Rabat then Boston, to end up leaving between Casablanca [...]


Marco Ricci

BIOGRAPHY Specialized in the post-production aspect of motion pictures, Marco Ricci has a background in high-end 3D animation software (Softimage, XSI), involved in big productions, in Italy before and in Morocco since 2004, [...]


Mohammed Kamal

BIOGRAPHY Mohammed Kamal, a Moroccan British professional photographer, founder and manager of FOTOKAM, a photo production company since 2003 in Marrakech Morocco. COMMENT I shot Nikon, Mamiya 7 MK2, Leica M6 in The [...]


Youssef Ait Bouskri

BIOGRAPHY My name is Youssef Ait Bouskri, born in Marrakech morocco in 1979. I am a designer and a commercial and street photographer based in Marrakech. I started taking photography more [...]


Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui

BIOGRAPHYYASSINE ALAOUI ISMAILI aka YORIYAS is a Casablanca-based photographer and Performer. His Work has been featured in NY Times, the National Geographic, FIFA, 6Mois, Stern,The guardian, Volkskrant.He started playing chess when he was [...]


Laith Al-Majali

BIOGRAPHY Laith Al-Majali is first and foremost a visual storyteller. Born and raised in Amman, Jordan with a communications degree from Elon University in North Carolina (USA). Majali was the Producer [...]


Morteza Nikoubazl

BIOGRAPHY SUMMARY Date and Place of Birth: 1974 Tehran,Iran Gender: Male Nationality: Iranian Current location: I.R.Iran Current position: Photographer WORK EXPERIENCE 1997 Start working with Local newspapers 1999-2013 Photographer at Reuters [...]


Milad Jafari

BIOGRAPHY He lives in Istanbul, Turkey and was born in Tehran - Iran He's a graduate in hardware (computer machinery and equipment). He has been given a degree certificate of CLC (Certificate Leadership Course) [...]



BIOGRAPHYAlireza Fani was born in 1975 in Tehran, Iran. He received a Diploma in Graphic Design from Chamran Technical High School of Gorgan, and in 1994 entered Azad University of Art and Architecture [...]


Mohamed Hakem El Sayed

BIOGRAPHY I am an Egyptian Landscape and Travel photographer. My style of photography is to indulge the viewer in the essence of the place not only by capturing the beautiful sceneries but [...]


Mustafa Bastaki

BIOGRAPHY I am a freelance photographer and an engineer-to-be from Bahrain.  My interest in photography started since 2011, using just a mobile phone camera.  Because of photography, I tend to look [...]