White Desert Astro Photography Workshop with X-Photographer Mohamed Hakem

This photo trip took place on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July 2022. Please keep an eye out on Fujifilm Egypt social media for news about upcoming workshops.

We invite you to join X-Photographer Mohamed Hakem on a photo trip and astro-photography workshop to the White Desert on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July. This workshop is limited to 10 participants who will be chosen according to a submitted portfolio of photographs, and who have not attended one of our previous three photo trips.

The itinerary of the photo trip:

  • Meet at 6:00AM on Friday 29 July and we will move to El Wahat el Bahareya (Bawiti).
  • We will have our breakfast along the way.
  • Arrive at Bawiti at around 12:00PM, rest for 15 mins and take 4×4 into the desert.
  • Will stop first at a spring to take a rest and have lunch.
  • We will then get moving at around 2:00PM and stop at some of the most exotic places in Egypt.
  • We will arrive before sunset at our quiet location in the middle of the white desert and the bedouins will prepare the camp.
  • We will have dinner and some free time.
  • We will start our workshop. This date is chosen as the sky will be in complete darkness till a new moon rises at 5:30AM.
  • We will wake up at 6:30AM, have our breakfast and back to Bawiti.
  • Along the way to Bawiti we will find some other interesting locations.
  • We will arrive back to the bus at around 12:00PM and start the trip back to Cairo, arriving at around 5:00PM on Saturday 30th July.

Places and Activities Highlights:

Mohamed Hakem is an expert in astro photography and in space science. He has held courses at the American University in Cairo about astro physics and astro photography. Mohamed has also held mega astro events with some of the space giants as Dr Farooq El Baz, future astronaut candidate  Mohammed Sallam and space enthusiast Omar Samra.
You will learn:
  • Amazing facts about space
  • An Intro course about how the space objects move
  • How to observe and  what to expect
  • How to shoot and why Fujifilm cameras are an excellent choice for this kind of photography
  • All about Light pollution
  • Step by Step workshop on how to capture the night sky
  • Mohamed will help from start to finish with any photography tips

About Mohamed Hakem

I am an Egyptian Landscape and Travel photographer. My style of photography is to indulge the viewer in the essence of the place not only by capturing the beautiful sceneries but the by capturing the emotions and feelings. I prefer a photo series kind of shots that makes you part of the journey. I capture honest moments candidly and quietly; you will barely notice I was there.

I am also an Electrical Engineer who lives in Egypt and travels a lot.

Photography allowed me to see the beauty in everything, made me seek the good in the absolute bad.

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