Aly Hazzaa

About Me

On his 13th birthday Aly took over his dad’s Kodak camera, put a label with his name on it, and considered it as a “self-gift”! Aly then started to document everything around him from his point of view, with curious eyes not just looking for mere beauty.

Aly is known for his passion for street photography and during the 2011 Egyptian revolution Aly’s passion for freedom led him to capture this historical event in his own way. He then had the time to reflect on his personal trajectory and decided to take one of the hardest decisions that would shape his life all together, giving up his career in mechanical engineering and starting a career in photography.

Among other events, Aly proudly participated in “People are the red line” photography exhibition and “Cairo – New Testimonies of an ongoing Revolution,” Exhibition Touring Germany 2012-2013 and “Shoof” photography exhibition 2014, in addition to judging photo competitions.

Aly’s work has been published in various publications such as New York times, The Washington Post and The Globe and Mail.

For Aly, the contradictions between what is perceived as beautiful and what is perceived as ugly are guiding frames for the multiple narratives his pictures tell. Aly expressed himself through photography since then, Observing the world around him longing for a chance to capture a moment of joy, passion and humanity.

Gear List

Fujifilm XT-1
Fujifilm XT-3
XF23mmF2 R WR
XF35mmF2 R WR
XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR
Pergear 25mmF1.8


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